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Erik B. Kromann

Small Partnership Medianas (Medianas MB) was incorporated in 2013. The company’s headquarters are at Cabinet 204 B., Maritime Business Center, Pilies St. 8, Klaipėda. 

Our company mediates in employing professional and highly qualified seafarers from  Europe in different shipping companies. We guarantee minimum employment costs while offering efficient and professional collaboration between our company, shipping companies and ship owners. 

The primary goal of Medianas is to provide mediation services in employing seafarers in foreign fleets, to thoroughly select the specialists and offer qualified employees for shipping companies in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and local laws. We ensure that the seafarers receive definite and stable positions in shipping companies, regular salaries, social guarantees and adherence to the ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) requirements during the term of the employment.

The company has qualified specialists whose eligibility for the position is guaranteed by their educational background and work experience.

Interneto svetainiu kurimas


Amanda Company A / S was established 12 years ago in 2002. This company is listed in Shipping. The ship has many times been in time charter in north Europe as between Germany and Uk, for the Germany company RMS and Robert Muller from Hamburg.

Amanda Company A / S is a Marstal based shipping company with deep roots in the Danish maritime tradition. The Company operates one Sea river coaster in the north euro area, in the moment between Cherbourg and Paris. Company Amanda is a stakeholder company owned by the managing directors Lars Kromann and Henrik Noerregård.


Pilies St. 8, 204B Cab.,

LT-92294  Klaipeda,



+370 699 64209