Erik B. Kromann

94d43e327d9303539cb1e2aac7032668 M       One of Marstal most prominent members of the shipping company 's Erik B. Kromann, which was founded in 1907 when cargo ships still sail the sail.
       Erik B. Kromann emphasized tradition and stayed longer than any other Danish nests stuck in sailing ships without engine. This led to a period of cooperation with the ship-owner AP Moeller , who had an educational interest in preserving the sailing ships . With World War II was sailing-ship era definitely over and the fleet consisted of motor sailor.
       Kromann fleet was soon back in the form of remodeling and new construction, and from the 1950s could meet the company's motor ships as far away as Australia and the Far East. The sailing worldwide were here to stay, and from the 1960s to today’s pattern only become increasingly apparent. Company Kromann show the flag in the world's remotest corners, and as something special had extensive sailing in the Falkland Islands over several years.

       Erik B. Kromann's three sons joined the company in the years 1934-1940. From the late 1970s came the third generation by now, but the traditions are still practiced, and after 100 years in business applies the old ship-owner Churchill inspiring motto remains: ”Never give up!"
      Today the Company is driven by Boye Kromann and Lars Kromann. Chartering worldwide, managing owners and technical management are our core businesses. Most of the vessels are IMO1-fitted, and the handling of IMO cargos worldwide is among our specialties.



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        Amanda Company A / S was established 12 years ago in 2002. This company is listed in Shipping. The ship has many times been in time charter in north Europe as between Germany and Uk, for the Germany company RMS and Robert Muller from Hamburg.
       Amanda Company A / S is a Marstal based shipping company with deep roots in the Danish maritime tradition. The Company operates one Sea river coaster in the north euro area, in the moment between Cherbourg and Paris. Company Amanda is a stakeholder company owned by the managing directors Lars Kromann and Henrik Noerregård.









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