Focus on result

Giving priority to the client's interests


The assessment of the company's operation is based primarily on satisfaction of its clients

The business processes of the company must be coordinated in such a way


that there no disruptions affecting the services or quality

We understand the link between the qualification level,


skills and motivation of the employees and the success of a business





jurininku About Us

        Small Partnership Medianas (Medianas MB) was incorporated in 2013. The company’s headquarters are at Cabinet 204 B., Maritime Business Center, Pilies St. 8, Klaipėda. 

       Our company mediates in employing professional and highly qualified seafarers from  Europe in different shipping companies. We guarantee minimum employment costs while offering efficient and professional collaboration between our company, shipping companies and ship owners. 
       The primary goal of Medianas is to provide mediation services in employing seafarers in foreign fleets, to thoroughly select the specialists and offer qualified employees for shipping companies in accordance with the requirements of international conventions and local laws. We ensure that the seafarers receive definite and stable positions in shipping companies, regular salaries, social guarantees and adherence to the ITF (International Transport Workers' Federation) requirements during the term of the employment.

       The company has qualified specialists whose eligibility for the position is guaranteed by

their educational background and work experience.


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